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Selene O’Rourke lives in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, where she narrowly dodges avalanches of speculative fiction from her own library. She has studied mathematics, machines, music, magic, and the mind–and tries to use them to weave a yarn worthy of her mythological (and astronomical) namesake, which she hopes to visit someday.

Dresden Files Accelerated: Session 2 – Wizard Gandalf Style

One week later, our players gathered to get the first full session of the Dresden Files Accelerated Beta in. (Almost three weeks, and one session later, yours truly finally gets around to writing about it!) When we last left our … Continue reading

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Dresden Files Accelerated: Session 1 – Character Creation

If you hadn’t noticed already, my local gaming group was one of a handful selected to help beta-test the rules in progress for Evil Hat Productions’ Dresden Files Accelerated. If you’ve read the books, the system tries to evoke narrative … Continue reading

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Romansu High: Pilot Episode (Character Creation)

Years after the fall of the Spheare Corporation, a new corporate alliance, formed by Romansu family–the manifold inheritors of the wealth of the Jupiter Cair Bore Corporation–construct a ringworld around their home planet. Running along the North-South axis of the … Continue reading

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CAMELOT Trigger After Action Report

The Short of It (aka: the TL;DR version) Myself and four of my usual Anime Fate players got together to play Rob Wieland’s CAMELOT Trigger, with a scenario of my devising. Much fun was had as robots combined to defeat … Continue reading

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